Diesel particulate filters

Because Diesel Particulate filters can be a very expensive part to replace, Longlife are able to offer a much more cost effective and permanent solution for you.  Our removal solution is not only usually less expensive than having a DPF replacement, it also means that you never need worry about having to have the job done again in the future.

Longlife will remap your vehicle to ensure that the DPF regeneration sequence is removed from the vehicle's ECU and also replace the DPF with Stainless Steel pipe which will last a lifetime.  On some filters we have found that it is preferable to empty the old DPF casing - ask your fitting centre about this when you have the job carried out.

The end result when removing your DPF  is that you need never worry about having to do it again, the car will perform considerably better and the fuel efficiency will also be improved!.

For those people who wish to keep the DPF on their vehicle, we are also able to offer a supply and fit service for many types of vehicle.  Our expertise with DPFs and their installation will ensure that the job is done right first time.

Unlike many other companies, we write all our own maps in house using industry leading software, rather than buying in generic off the shelf maps.  This means we know exactly what has been done to each and every file.  We also store your original ECU map in our data bank for total piece of mind

Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF)