Longlife can build a bespoke stainless steel exhaust for almost any vehicle.  To find a dealer's telephone number, please click on  'Find a Dealer'

When you're looking for someone to work on your vehicle, you want to know that you're choosing a company who understands your needs and how to achieve them.  At Longlife, we have a dedicated team with many years of experience building bespoke custom built exhausts for every type of vehicle.  Your pride and joy is our passion - whether it's a classic, 4x4, import, performance, sports, prestige car or simply the family runabout, we are able to fabricate an exhaust to your exact requirements.

We custom build all of our systems on the car using only the best quality T304 Grade Stainless Steel so each exhaust system is tailored perfectly to the vehicle - no more having to choose from limited 'off the shelf' systems. With by far the largest range of silencers and tailpipe designs we are able to match your needs perfectly and give your vehicle a look and sound that will be the envy of all.

So confident are we of our product and workmanship, we offer an industry leading lifetime guarantee. Longlife is the ONLY national custom build brand to offer a transferable lifetime guarantee, not a limited 'lifetime of ownership'.

We are also experts at Performance and Economy ECU remapping. Unlike many other companies, we write all of our own files in house using specialist file technicians so we can control the complete process. 

You may see on a number of our competitor's websites that they have copied much of the text from this page.  Whilst this is very flattering for us, it demonstrates that Longlife are leading the way rather than following the crowd.

Stainless Steel Exhaust

Custom Built Exhaust If you are looking for custom built exhaust systems then you have certainly come to the right place as we are the leaders in our field. People are quite rightly very attached to their cars, so when it goes in for some work it is important that you can find a company that will understand your needs, but more importantly will have the nous and ability to achieve them. Our dedicated team has many years experience between them building bespoke and custom made exhausts for every vehicle, so if you are in need of an Audi exhaust then you are in good hands. We have been in the industry for over thirty years and so you should make sure we are your only port of call when it comes to replacing or upgrading your existing exhaust system. If you have a particular exhaust in mind then you can talk to our fully trained staff who will give you as much detail as you will need to ensure you get exactly what you want. No other company can compete with our range of silencer combinations, as with over 1400 we are able to build a new exhaust made from stainless steel with maximum power coupled with a tailpipe design, so that your new set of Audi exhaust pipes will turn heads as well as giving you awesome performance. We know how much people love their cars and we share that passion, so don’t hesitate in making contact to discuss your needs.

Environmental Concern

Known in the trade as a Cat, a catalytic converter is an exhausts emissions device that is located underneath a vehicle that uses a combination of heat and precious metals to create a chemical reaction that breaks down harmful gases thus lessening the detrimental effect the emissions have on the environment. If you have a sports car then to ensure you maintain maximum power we can supply and fit a sports cat. This type of cat has far less restriction then standard models and thus your car will be able to breathe more easily, so that the engine can release maximum power. When it comes to replacing your cat, we are able to replace the part that needs replacing because we custom build car exhausts pipes. Original equipment catalysts normally come supplied with a larger section of exhaust and thus when it comes to replacement you will often be paying for extra parts that you don’t need. When it comes to motor cars we are very passionate, and whether you have a performance, 4x4, prestige or even a family car we will be able to accommodate you. There isn’t anything we don’t know about custom built exhaust pipes and we only use the best quality stainless steel on all of our systems. This ensures that every exhaust system can be tailored perfectly, and you no longer have the limited choice found on the shelves of most exhaust suppliers, plus we have a range of silencers and tailpipe designs.

Race Exhaust Systems

High Performance Exhaust We are so confident in both our products and workmanship that we offer our clients a lifetime guarantee, unheard of with most other companies. In fact we are the only custom build brand that offers a transferrable lifetime guarantee as opposed to a limited lifetime of ownership. If you have an imported car then you will already know that it can be very expensive and hard work to get hold of a replacement exhaust system. So if you are after a BMW exhaust then we can fabricate an exhaust from scratch, which is very likely to be a lot cheaper than a system off the shelf. Another benefit of a free flow exhaust system made from stainless steel is that as most imported vehicles come with systems that comply with their country of origin’s restrictive laws, you will find that our exhausts systems will not only increase the power of your car but will also increase its fuel efficiency. For those looking to replace or upgrade their BMW exhaust pipes, make sure to check out our state of the art range of tailpipes, as their designs cannot be beaten in terms of style. Made in our very own factory using T304 grade fully polished stainless steel, there are over 80 designs to look over. So whether you want a close copy of the original design from the manufacturer, or if you are looking to make your mark with a fresh design you are bound to find something suitable.

Car Exhausts Parts

As with all our products our range of silencers is built in-house using stainless steel of the best quality coupled with a high quality silencing material. By virtue of this process we can build exhaust systems for almost any car, which starts with us selecting an appropriate casting size and end plate for it to be tack welded on. After cutting to size acoustic matting this is then placed inside the silencer ensuring the best silencing properties. A high grade stainless steel perforated tube, which has been wrapped with a stainless steel wire, is then placed inside and welded onto the end plate. To absorb the sound a long strand e-glass is then placed inside the silencer, which is packed to make sure the silencer has the desired silencing effect. If you have a hi-performance vehicle such as a Honda, and want the Honda exhaust to have a silencer we can fill it with stainless steel wire too. After the end plates have been attached they are Tig welded so that they are 100% gas tight sealed. Often you find that silencers are locked and sealed, but these are far inferior to welded silencers as they are always exposed to the danger of a leak. Whatever the car part you need, we will be happy to discuss every aspect of it with you first before you buy it as we know how car enthusiasts want to know about every aspect of their car even if they need Honda exhaust pipes.

Improvements Guaranteed

Whether you are in need of a sports performance exhaust or something for a classic or vintage car we have experienced and fully trained fitters that will be able to reproduce and fabricate an exhaust that will do justice to the performance of your car and will be faithful to the original design. What you will find in most cases is an increased fuel economy plus improvements in performance. With us what you are getting is a company that has a very impressive portfolio of exhausts for classic cars, so that we have advanced knowledge of how to replicate an exhaust system perfectly. If you are looking for Subaru exhaust systems this requires a different set of skills, but we have the experience to handle any job related to buildingbespoke exhausts. With a prestige vehicle you will want a prestige exhaust system and we are very confident that we can deliver this for you; our vast range of silencers, large selection of beautifully designed tailpipes and highly skilled staff makes for the perfect combination when it comes to delivering an exhaust system that looks and works to a very high standard. If you want a quality custom built Subaru exhaust or something more specialised for a 4x4 then we have the resources. Whether a grey import, converted to LPG, or even if you are looking to get a dual-exist upgrade to make a fashion statement, we can handle any exhaust system request for a 4x4.

All round quality

In addition to our quality range of exhaust systems there are other ways to make your car stand out from the rest of the traffic. Alloy wheels and tyres are most certainly one of the best ways of giving your car the edge when it comes to appearance, so if you are thinking of upgrading your VW exhaust consider also fitting it with a new set of alloy wheels. As we are owned by Topgear Ltd., which is the biggest name in the country for alloy wheels, you will find all that you need with well known brands such as Wolfrace and TSW to choose from. Once you find something appropriate we can either mail order them to you so they can be fitted yourself at your home, or you can have them fitted in one of our many nationwide depots. Some motor cars, including a lot of diesel engine cars, can have their catalytic converter removed without causing a problem when it comes to having a MOT. This will give you more power so make sure to get in touch for more details and to see if you can have your legally de-catted. If you think that we are the company to help you, why not arrange for a quote to be emailed to you. By simply leaving your name, address, car details, and system required we will come back to you in a timely manner with a quote for VW exhaust systems or whatever else you require.