Longlife is made up of stainless steel exhaust specialists with over thirty years of experience in delivering high quality exhausts for every kind of vehicle. Over many years our dedicated experts have been designing, building and selling custom-built exhausts that are guaranteed to endure. We use only the best quality 304 Grade Stainless Steel for our exhausts and are now the first port of call for thousands of car lovers all over the country.

In 2013, in a bid to expand their business and fulfil their desire to make exhausts directly for the public, the Devon-based manufacturers of Morgan Car Exhausts made the wise business decision to become part of the Longlife family. This came after long examination of all the exhaust brands available across the UK, with the Devon manufacturers deciding that the Longlife franchise was the one for them. Taking their decision based on our professional, high attention to detail approach, since joining the Longlife brand business has grown and they have not looked back.

At Longlife we are constantly creating bespoke exhausts for all kinds of vehicle, from classic cars to 4x4’s, to foreign imports, from high performance and sports cars to prestige cars and of course, the every day family runabout. Our extensive knowledge and expertise mean we can now fabricate any exhaust to fit your exact personal requirements. So whether you'd like to choose from one of hundreds of our custom designs, or prefer a close copy of the original manufacturer, or would even like to see something completely different and original adorning your pride and joy, at Longlife we will work long and hard to create the perfect exhaust just for you.

Longlife is a part of Topgear, the number one brand in the UK for alloys as well as specialists in exhausts and remapping. Faced with the happy challenge of growing popularity and an expanding customer base, Topgear branched out some years ago into more specialist brands including Longlife for customer-built stainless steel exhausts.

Over the years the Longlife brand has grown to become a trusted household name in custom made stainless steel exhausts, in part because every stainless steel exhaust we design or sell comes complete with a lifetime guarantee, valid across our national network of Longlife dealers and valid for as long as you own the vehicle - something unique that we offer to our customers as a manufacturer of custom built exhausts. And so since we started out many years ago, Longlife franchises have expanded to cover more and more locations, and can now be found all over the UK and Ireland. Longlife has even begun its expansion into Europe as more and more customers look for the quality and service associated with Longlife stainless steel exhausts. We know how passionate people are about their cars, and we share that passion with you.

Established in the U.K. and Ireland over 10 years ago, Longlife is the UK's first choice for customers who want a premium quality custom built stainless steel exhaust.  We have a network of approved dealers spanning almost the entire length of the country so your nearest centre should never be more than a short drive away.

Every Longlife exhaust is custom built on the vehicle to ensure a perfect fit and to meet your needs as an individual so whether your vehicle is a recent model, classic, import, 4x4, kit car, competition car or people carrier, we can build a stainless steel standard or performance replacement exhaust for it while you wait.

Our huge range of tailpipes, silencers and other exhaust components - gives us complete flexibility in the build process and enables us to produce everything from a standard sounding quiet exhaust right up to a full sports note, depending on the customer’s needs and tastes.

All components and workmanship are fully covered by our industry leading lifetime warranty.

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